1. If you could buy any of the following, what would you choose?

a) Private Island 

b) Lamborghini

c) Helicopter

d) Mansion 


2. What dish could you eat every day?

a) Pasta

b) Biryani

c) Tacos

d) Ramen


3. What is your favorite animal?

a) Panda

b) Dog

c) Dolphin

d) Cat 


4. What is your favorite drink?

a) Milkshake

b) Coffee

c) Orange juice

d) Tea 


5. What is your favorite weather?

a) Summer

b) Winter 

c) Spring

d) Autumn


6. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

a) Chocolate

b) Vanilla

c) Strawberry

d) Butterscotch 


7. What is your favorite color?

a) Black

b) Lavender

c) Blue

d) Green


8. What would you choose?

a) Winning the lottery

b) Dream job

c) Love

d) Family


9. What are you afraid of the most?

a) Darkness

b) Height

c) Spiders

d) Loneliness


10. Which app is your favorite?

a) YouTube

b) Instagram

c) Facebook

d) Twitter


11. What is your dream holiday?

a) Beach

b) Hiking

c) Skiing

d) Historical landmarks